Our Award Success

In April this year, we were was shortlisted for nine of prestigious Drum Recommends Awards and were successful in winning two awards, Effectiveness and Production Awards

The DRUM Recommends is a service that helps brands to choose agencies, based on ratings. The ‘Recommends’ database contains over 64,000 ratings left by brands. Each year ratings from the database are downloaded to identify which agencies are the highest-rated by clients. These agencies are recognised via The Drum Recommends Awards.

“We’re ecstatic! Being shortlisted for these awards was a win in itself, so to walk away with two is amazing. These wins are a true reflection of the work our design studios in Edinburgh, London, York and Norwich have produced over the last 12 months. We were in competition with some of the largest agencies in the country, so this is a testament to the quality of work we’re delivering to our clients. I’m over the moon to have the teams recognised in this way”.

Corey Stewart, Creative Director and Head of Agency


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