Pearson Business School

Brand development and guidelines

Pearson Business School is one of many higher education establishments seeking new business and meaningful partnerships with industry.

Despite being highly regarded, the school recognised that creating more engaging and impactful B2B communications was key to strengthening its position as a market leader.

We were commissioned to develop a new, business-facing visual language that would be readily identifiable as Pearson Business School and reflective of its values and ambitions.

At the core of the project was a set of B2B brand guidelines highlighting important design principles: striking portrait photography that showcased confident and able Pearson graduates, bold graphics and iconography, and a series of strong messages that articulated the benefits of hiring graduates from Pearson Business School.

“They have been instrumental in helping us achieve a high impact and identifiable new design,”

said Manny Dapaah, from the school’s Brand and Strategic Projects team.

“Clean layout, repeatable features and a clear photography style has resulted in a blueprint design that is easily applied to our key collateral.”


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