Pearson College London

Undergraduate prospectus

Deciding which college of university to attend can be one of the biggest decisions a young person can make.

But attracting the best students and in turn the best staff, and ultimately the most funding, is equally important for the further education institution. It’s no surprise that the undergraduate prospectus is a vital part of communication.

For most universities and colleges, it’s the biggest design project of the year, and also the most challenging. Not only does it have to engage with audiences in a crowded landscape and provide a window to the college’s ambitions, it also contains a huge amount of information and involves a lengthy internal approval process. For Pearson College London’s prospectus, it was a set of challenges we relished.

Working with the college for the first time, we recommended a fresh, new approach with a bold look and feel, clean layout and clear navigation – all held together by Pearson’s robust but flexible brand guidelines.

“The team didn’t disappoint, and we’ve had very positive feedback from prospective students and parents,”

said Pearson College’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sam Mace.


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