Pearson College London

Campaign collateral

Applying for further education can be daunting and confusing at the best of times for young people.

But the clearing process, where students without an offer are matched to university or college places yet to be filled, can be particularly complicated and stressful. Recognising this, Pearson College London commissioned us to develop an impactful campaign that would clarify key messages and encourage students to consider Pearson.

We employed bold, straightforward messages (Get In, Clearing, Decide) and used a 3D illustrative style and bright colours from the Pearson palette to create verbal and visual standout on screen and print.

The results were impressive.

The final product was a bold and bright campaign which really grabbed attention – for us this was key in cutting through the noise during clearing,”

said Pearson College’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sam Mace.

Working with them was a great experience. They weren’t afraid to push the boundaries and challenge us, and came up with a wide variety of concepts and retailed rationales.”


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