Rothes Brewery

Brand development and packaging

Rothes Brewery choose to stay well clear of current craft beer trends, but they still face a familiar challenge – to build their business and raise awareness of their brand in an increasingly competitive industry.

As a fundamental part of that process, the brewery owners turned to us to help them create a new brand identity and suite of graphic tools to transform their packaging across the range.

Our first step was to understand what made the brewery distinctive. They are passionate about traditional brewing and create unique bottle-conditioned real ales, but also recognise they must appeal to modern beer drinkers.

In response, we used examples of that tradition and combined it with subtle local references to create a simple and recognisable brand. Rothes Castle features prominently, while illustrations from the surrounding landscape, local farms and folklore – applied with a splash of bold colour – give each beer (The Seafield Estate, Conrock Farm, The Dounie and Ben Aigen) a distinctive but cohesive look.


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